Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write on the wristbands?

Depending on which option you choose, yes you can.  This is an ideal alternative to vouchers at an event as the wristband can be designed with circles on the band to be ‘coloured’ in when people have received their allocation or drinks or goodies.

What type of paper would you recommend?

It obviously depends on your application but as a general rule of thumb…

  • If you want to write on the paper, have a text based document or want to get an organic feel then choose uncoated paper
  • If your document has a balance or text and images then choose silk paper
  • If your document is mostly images then choose gloss paper
  • If you want something to stand out from the crowd then choose a specialist paper and/or special print finishes to enhance the end result.

Our account managers are all printing experts and can show you a range of samples and recommend the best solution for your particular brochure, booklet, magazine or catalogue without completely blowing your budget!

What name badges can you do same day?

We offer the 90mm x 54mm plastic pocket with a combi-clip on a same day service. If you require another size or mount, please talk to your account manager who will endeavour to meet your deadline.

What paper thicknesses do you offer for invitations, and do different paper weights have different lead times?

We offer 90gsm (thin paper) up to 650gsm (heavy card) on 1-3 day lead times and can offer heavier / thicker stocks on 3-10 days but these heavier stocks are subject to minmum order quantities of over 250 invitations (depending on their size).

I’ve printed my own documents, can you just bind them?

Yes, we can provide wire binding only services with the option of plastic front and back covers.

What’s the difference between Indigo printing and ‘normal’ digital printing?

To put it simply, digital printing can be perfectly good for day to day printing but the Indigo method is a step up in every way. Colours stand out and are much more accurate, resolution is greater, solid blocks are smoother, the advantages are endless. When a job really needs to look as good as possible, Indigo is the only game in town.

Can I customise your Web-2-Print service?

We offer several different levels of service which start at using the generic portal accessed from this website, up to and including building bespoke and customised applications which can be hosted on your own webserver or intranet.

How do I register for the Cascade Group Web-To-Print service?
  1. Arrange a meeting with your Cascade Group account manager to assess how appropriate a web-to-print solution is for your individual circumstances and requirements
  2. Cascade Group provides pricing, payment terms and turnaround times for you to agree and approve
  3. A private web-to-print portal is set-up
  4. Initial print templates are uploaded to your portal (with new templates added on request as required on an ongoing basis)
  5. Your logins are set-up and issued to your team
What resolution image do you require for a Freestanding Cut Out?

As large as possible please!  We can use low resolution files but the resulting print quality can be affected.  If in doubt, simply send us your image and we can assess it for you.

Do you have a template I should use for a Freestanding Cut Out?

No, all cut-outs are made and cut to order so the shape works for your image or application.  Please provide a cutting line as a seperate layer on your file or simply provide an image ask your account manager for artworking support and we can create one for you.

Can I have a custom sized Linear Kit?

Yes of course, please let us know what area you want to fill and what you are trying to achieve and we would be happy to create a custom kit for you.

What power supply does a freestanding LED Pocket kit need?

These units come supplied with a standard 3-pin UK plug and transformer, we would only remind customers to be careful of trailing cables for health and safety reasons.

What materials should posters be printing on for LED Pockets?

We recommend printing on acrylic transparency for semi-permanent installations or 80gsm paper for installations which will be regularly updated.

Can you install LED Pockets on wires?

We don’t install LED Pocket kits ourselves but have a number of certified electricians that we can recommend.

What is Scodix printing?

Scodix is the brand name of a press manufacturer that offers a digital equivalent of many specialist print finishes includng spot-UV, raised text, embossing, specialist lamination and foiling.  Please ask your account manager to see our sample book.

Can I have a pantone matched foil?

Yes you can but it can be very expensive so it will depend on the length of your print run as to whether it is cost effective.  There are a couple of hundred standard colours and we keep basic silver and gold in stock so please ask your account manager to see a shade card.

What is the turnaround time on special finishing services?

Typical 5-7 working days but we can in some case speed this up.  If you need a quicker turnaround, please talk to your account manager and we will do our absolute best to fit in with your schedule.

How should I supply the artwork to be Litho printed?

A pdf should be set to CMYK for full colour litho printing or for spot colour printing, all elements must be set to spot Pantone colours.  Please ask us if you need any help setting this up or communicating with your designer.

How many sheets can you print per day?

We have the capacity across the Group to print over 102 million sheets per day, all in central London.

How quickly can you print and/or bind my document?

As quickly as you need us to!  We would prefer a bit of notice but being able to respond quickly to our client’s needs is a key component of our local service philosophy.

Can I put a Thermo printed letterhead through my laser printer?

Yes you can but please make sure you advise us that you will be doing this so we use the correct finishing technique and resins.

Can I Thermo print on both sides?

Sorry, you can’t but for super thick invitations or business cards, two sheets can be thermo printed on one side and then ‘sandwiched’ together.

What colour raised text can I have Thermo printed?

Thermographic printing is a process where the item is printed using a slow-drying lithographic ink which then has thermographic resin applied and then heated to get the raised finish.  This resin is available in a matt or high gloss finish which allows the ink color to show through. By printing text and graphics in two or more spot colors, this means that the artwork can contain multiple colors. The resin is also available in gold and silver for a metallic finish.

Are there any limitations to Thermo printing?

We would not recommend using themographic printing on any design with exceptionally thin typefaces or solid areas.

My product is in pre-production but I need marketing materials, what can I do?

We can use CAD drawings and 3D renderings or create illustrations and diagrams to create draft materials for you that still look professional.  These can then be updated once the final product is available.

I want a template which I can update myself, can you do this?

To get the best end result, we would recomment using our services to layout templated materials using Adobe InDesign as whilst each item may look alike, very small changes or adaptions will need to be made to accommodate the individual information.  Having said that, we can offer a template service for simple materials and offer a more sophisticated web-to-print service which may fit the bill here.

Can you artwork technical diagrams and illustrations?

Absolutely, just send us over a sketch or an outline of what you want to illustrate and we will take it from there.

I already have a printer/designer/display company in place does this matter?

Not at all, we provide the parts of our services that our clients need and co-ordinate with existing suppliers wherever necessary.  We can obviously provide the best package price if we are providing multiple services but there is no ‘all or nothing’ requirement.

What lead times do you need to help us with an event?

As much as possible!  We can turn most print and design projects around on the fly if you need us to but we prefer to plan and carefully produce materials wherever possible.

Where would you take corporate headshots?

We can take headshots in our Studio in EC3V and your team can pop in when they are available.  Alternatively, we can schedule and set-up a pop-up studio at your offices.

Can you do 360° photography

Yes, we have turntable facilities and image stitching software in-house.

Do you have a photography studio?

We have photographic facilities in our Design Studio in EC3V.

Should I opt for a printed or ‘e’ newsletter?

This will very much depend on your business and your recipients.  A printed newsletter can seem more substantial and will sit on a desk waiting to be read whilst an e-newsletter can get lost as it disappears down the inbox.  However an e-newsletter can be distributed more quickly and be most cost-effective.  We can discuss this with you and advise on which might be best for your business.

How often should I send out a newsletter?

Many clients opt to send out a newsletter on a regular basis i.e. weekly, monthly or quarterly.  We would recommend that you send out newsletters as often as you have interesting things to say.  Cluttering up your recipients mailbox with spurious drivel designed to tick boxes or fill space is the quickest way of losing your readership!

How can I measure the results from my web marketing?

Depending on which web marketing activities you conduct, web marketing is one of the most measurable of marketing activities.  Measures include:

  • No. of visitors
  • No. of clicks on your advert or link
  • Achieving ‘goals’ e.g. sign-ups or visiting specific web page
  • No. of fans or followers
  • No. of retweets or shares
  • No. of conversions


Can I create an app out of my Flipbook?

Yes, we can turn your flipbook into a full digital publication which can be downloaded from the App Store (ios) or Google Play Store (Android) either as a standalone app or as a publication using a third party app.  We can recommend the best solution for your application.

Where will my Flipbook be hosted?

We can provide hosting or embed your flipbook on your own website.

Can my reader click on weblinks in the Flipbook?

Yes, all our Flipbooks support weblinks.

Can I embed video and other interactive content in my Flipbook?

We offer a specific flipbook application which allows videos to be embedded and animated content to be included.

Will my flipbook work on a iphone or ipad?

We have a range of different solutions, some of which use Flash (which does not work on iphones or ipads) and others which use HTML5 which will work on all devices.  We can advise on the best solution for your application.

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