Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brand?

A brand is not just a logo, on the most simple logo it is immediately recognisable as being associated with your company but on a more fundamental level it is what your audience thinks of or feels when they think about your company or product.

I want to update my existing logo what options are available to me?

If you want to update an existing logo (rather than have a completely new one developed), we can play with more modern typefaces, positioning and colour.  Simple changes can often be the most effective.  Sometimes changing the context of the logo on your materials and website can be enough.

What formats would you recommend for print adverts?

If you are planning on conducting advertising in a number of different publications, we would recommend you have a full page portrait and a half page advert designed as a set to start off with.  These can the be adapted and resized, quickly and easily to the specifications provided by each individual publication.

What is a ‘call-to-action’?

This is probably the most important part of your advert.  It is communication to the prospect of what you want them to do after seeing the advert.  i.e. ‘call us’, ‘subscribe now’, ‘visit our website’ or ‘pop in’.

Do you provide proof-reading services?

All our copy is prepared and reviewed by at least two people before being issued.  If you would like a professional proofreading service we can provide this as an upgrade service.

How do I go about briefing you to prepare copy for us?

We can meet face to face, talk over the phone or you can even email us bullet points. Our copywriters will have a couple of questions about tone and key messages before preparing a first draft for you to review.

Do you do translations?

We have a range of freelance translation professionals that support us when we need copy translated.

What kinds of wire do you keep in stock?

We keep a range of wires for binding in black, silver and white in stock in a range of different capacities.  We can also provide coloured wires (in a limited colour palette) upon request.

I have big archive files to be scanned, can you help?

Of course! We can disassemble, scan and then reassemble your files. It is slightly more expensive than if you provided a stack of ‘clean sheets’ but it is no problem at all.

Will my mailing be sent 1st or 2nd class?

That is entirely up to you, depending on whether your mailout is time critical.

My documents are confidential, are your facilities secure?

We have 2 secure production facilities and our offices are accessible only by entry phone. Your documents will be handled with the utmost discretion. All our employees are under non-disclosure agreements as a part of their contractuals terms.

How much will my shipment cost?

This depends very much on the service you choose and the recipient’s location. Please contact us for more information, we’ll need the recipient country and postcode, the weight and dimensions of your package to be able to provide a quote.

When will my package arrive?

This depends very much on the service you choose and the recipient’s location. Please contact us for more information.

I need more than 12 dividers, what should I do?

We only say 12 parts max because otherwise the tabs become to small to be practical. If you had 14 dividers, this would essentially be 2 sets of 7-part dividers.

What materials are the tab dividers made from?

We typically used 350gsm board and optional lamination improves the longevity of the tabs. We offer premium options printed on plastic with slightly longer turnaround times.

My attendee list is changing right up until last minute, how can I best handle this?

We would recommend having an additional 10% of ‘blank’ badges made up so you can handwrite badges for any last minute attendees.

What is the turnaround time on name badges?

We can offer same day turnaround on a number of stock badge types and 2-3 days turnaround on higher end options such as domed badges.

Can I have an odd number of pages in my brochure?

If it is a folded brochure or leaflet then you need to have pages in multiples of four. If the document is to be stapled, spiral or perfect bound then you can have ‘single’ pages but please remember they can have a front and a back!

What is your minimum order quantity for labels and stickers?

It really depends on the size and specification of your labels or stickers but we have many options with a minimum order quantity of just one sheet!

Do folders come assembled or flatpacked?

We can do both. Assembled folders can be glued which gives a better overall finish but they need omore storage space, flatpack folders can have interlocking ‘leaves’ but are a bit more flimsy when used.

What is your minimum order quantity for folders?

We don’t actually have one but we do recommend a minimum order quantity of at least 250 to achieve a cost effective ‘per unit’ price.

What results can I expect from my mailers?

Great question! A hard one to answer! Direct marketing industry standards say a standard response rate is 1-3%, of course if you create a targetted offer to a segmented database and conduct mailing activities over an extended period you should achieve better results. Our team of marketing professionals at Cascade Studio can also advise and help you develop the best strategy!

Can I personalise my mailers?

Absolutely! We can use variable data printing techniques in both text and on images to create personalised mailers for your recipients.

Can I personalise my certificates?

Of course! There are two ways of doing this.
1. You can provide a spreadsheet of names / details and we can use a variable data printing to solution
2. We can provide overprintable ‘shells’ and a template suitable for use with your desktop computer and printer

How can I add security and credibility to my certificates?

We can print security watermarks onto your certificates, provide security stickers and seals and even provide embossing punches.

Can you print onto CDs and DVDs?

Yes, we can print you artwork (and create arwork if necessary) directly onto the discs on a 2-3 day turnaround. If you need a quick solution we can print onto high quality CD labels and affix these to the discs.

What format should I provide my data in?

We can collate your data from email attachments, you can send us a sample disc or provide the data on a USB stick.

How quickly can you turn around my job?

That mostly depends on its complexity! Having said that we do quick turnaround same day or within the hour jobs for clients every day and standard turnaround is 2-3 working days.

What stock should I choose for my business stationery

There are a huge range of choices! We recommend a 100gsm or 120gsm stock for letterheads, invoices, comp slips and envelopes and a 350gsm or heavier for business cards.

What size is a standard business card?

A standard sized business cards is 85mm x 55mm portrait or landscape.

What email content gets the best results?

This is really dependent on your sector of business! Short to the point copy and interesting links to high value content works best for business-to-business email whereas lots of imagery works best for e-commerce sales results. You have to make sure your subject line is interesting (the first 40 characters are the most important) and you must have a clear call-to-action. Don’t use business speak and be prepared to get personal and direct.

Can I buy a list to send email marketing campaigns to?

You can but we wouldn’t recommend it. Email lists with data good enough to be worth having will either be jealously guarded by its owners or cost an amount that will be disproportionate to the returns you might receive. A blind list may breach data protection laws (particularly for private addresses) and result in spam reports from recipients and subsequently your domain name being blacklisted. We prefer to help clients generate their own in-house lists and mine the data they already have to kickstart this process.

Should I use my own email address to send email marketing campaigns?

As long as you are not spamming, then it is pretty safe to use your own email address and can actually make the experience more personal for recipients that know you. However, clients who have big databases of subscribers do use a different email address and domain name to avoid any potential issues. Your account manager will be able to discuss the best approach for your individual circumstances.

Can I re-use your HTML email template once I’ve had one built?

If you have some simple HTML skills then yes, in principle you can. Having said that, we can install your HTML emails as templates with the Cascade Group Email Marketing Portal so you can create a new campaign whenever you like, please ask your account manager or email us for more information and a demo..

What are the legal considerations of email marketing?

You must have had contact or business dealings with the recipient of any email within the last 12 months
You must include your company registration number, legal name, address and contact details on every email
You must register with the ICO as a data controller
You must offer a means on unsubcribing from further email communications and honour this.

Can I send HTML emails from my desktop?

Well yes… and no! You can cut and paste HTML into your usual desktop email client e.g. Outlook but we wouldn’t recommend it as the design can get corrupted and you run the risk of getting you email address and/or domain name blacklisted. We recommend using an email marketing engine specifically designed for the task. Our own Cascade Email Marketing Engine has been developed to meet the needs of our customers, please ask your account manager or email us for more information and a demo.

How can I avoid the junk mail folder?

Using these techniques, you can minimise your risk of your email marketing campaigns ending up in the junk mail folder:

Your design should have a good balance of text to images. If you send your campaign as a single embedded jpeg then this is 100% image and you are more than likely to end up in the junk mail file.
You can run an online test such as
You can avoid ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ keywords – get a full list of common ones here
You can ask key customers to add your domain name to their ‘safe’ list

Can my email have a full screen background image?

It can, but it won’t always be rendered by the recipient’s email client (programme) and you have to accept that your design will look different on different devices. We can build your email to have a full-screen background image (or have images with text overlays) but if the recipient’s email client will not show the image then it will ‘fallback’ to showing a single block colour instead.

What response rates can I expect from Email Marketing?

Average open rates across all industries are 22.8% and click rates really depend on the strength of your call-to-action but the direct marketing industry standard is 1-3%.

Can I included animated content and/or video in my email campaigns?

You can but it won’t always work and is therefore not recommended. Few email clients (programmes such as Outlook) will allow animated content like a GIF or video to work when embedded in an email and it can even set off spam filters which means that your email won’t even be received in the first place! We recommend using static images which can be clicked and take the recipient to a webpage where your content can be seen in all its glory.