What’s the difference between Indigo printing and ‘normal’ digital printing?

To put it simply, digital printing can be perfectly good for day to day printing but the Indigo method is a step up in every way. Colours stand out and are much more accurate, resolution is greater, solid blocks are smoother, the advantages are endless. When a job really needs to look as good as possible, Indigo is the only game in town.

How many sheets can you print per day?

We have the capacity across the Group to print over 102 million sheets per day, all in central London.

I sent you the artwork as a PDF, why are you sending me a PDF proof?

The PDF we send back to you has been ‘processed’ at our end ready for printing, it’s not the same as the PDF artwork that you originally sent us. You should carefully check this as embedded images and fonts may have ‘dropped off’ despite our best efforts between softwares.