What type of paper would you recommend?

It obviously depends on your application but as a general rule of thumb…

  • If you want to write on the paper, have a text based document or want to get an organic feel then choose uncoated paper
  • If your document has a balance or text and images then choose silk paper
  • If your document is mostly images then choose gloss paper
  • If you want something to stand out from the crowd then choose a specialist paper and/or special print finishes to enhance the end result.

Our account managers are all printing experts and can show you a range of samples and recommend the best solution for your particular brochure, booklet, magazine or catalogue without completely blowing your budget!

Can I have an odd number of pages in my brochure?

If it is a folded brochure or leaflet then you need to have pages in multiples of four. If the document is to be stapled, spiral or perfect bound then you can have ‘single’ pages but please remember they can have a front and a back!