What about website security and back-ups?

Our websites are built with basic standard security. Having said that, the web is an ever developing beast and new security issues are coming up on a daily basis so, we do recommend you take out a website security and maintenance package with us. We can then review and update your website to keep its security in line with new developments ‘in the wild’ as well as performing scheduled back-ups. Please ask your account manager for more information.

What support do you offer once a website is ‘live’?

We offer 90 days snagging support starting the day a site is approved and made live. Snagging is tweaks to existing stylesheets only (how the site looks) and any functionality problems in the unlikely event that there are any. Changes to content and changing functionality and design is chargeable at our usual rates.

What browser versions do you code for?

Unless otherwise agreed as a part of the project price, like most web developers, we code for the latest version of all browsers and the version that came before that whilst allowing wherever possible for graceful degradation on browsers which are out of date . For all other versions, we take part in Browser-Update.org which displays a short message at the top of the screen recommending that the user upgrade. If we tried to code for every version ever issued of a browser, it would be pretty much impossible to deliver within a reasonable timeline and the cost per site would be phenomenal!

What website platforms do you use?

We are pretty much platform agnostic. We work on everything from bespoke php and html sites through to those built on content management system (CMS) website such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. We prefer WordPress as it offers a huge amount of functionality and options to clients at a reasonable price.