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Copywriting is a cornerstone of effective business communications, sales and marketing. Without appropriate copy, a marketing piece or website may look beautiful using Cascade’s high quality design and print services but ultimately not achieve the purpose for which is was created.

Cascade Group | Studio gives us ‘doorstep’ access to take your brief, with that level of personal contact and accessibility ensuring we gain rapid understanding of your company, its positioning, its target markets and its tone or style.

We can rapidly deliver superior copy that appeals to its reader and is written in an appropriate style for the medium (web, letter, marketing and/or print) as well.

Your copywriting needs may include:-

  • Brochures
  • Direct Marketing campaigns
  • Websites
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
  • Expert Articles or White Papers
  • Speeches
  • PR materials including Press Releases.

Most Popular FAQ’s for Copywriting

Do you provide proof-reading services?

All our copy is prepared and reviewed by at least two people before being issued.  If you would like a professional proofreading service we can provide this as an upgrade service.

How do I go about briefing you to prepare copy for us?

We can meet face to face, talk over the phone or you can even email us bullet points. Our copywriters will have a couple of questions about tone and key messages before preparing a first draft for you to review.

Do you do translations?

We have a range of freelance translation professionals that support us when we need copy translated.

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