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To be effective, a logo must be more than just a pretty picture that includes words, colours and images. Creating a brand identity and a suitable logo to support it requires an innate understanding of not only design but of your business and what makes it different.

Whether you simply want to refresh your current branding and materials to reflect changing times and innovation, or to conduct a full review of your message and differentiation, Cascade Group’s Design Studio has the expertise to deliver.

When strategy and creativity come together, a company can truly differentiate itself and take a lead in a marketplace. Our team of design and marketing professionals live and breathe this every day, bringing innovation and creativity to your business strategy, allowing your communications to be more effective.

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Most Popular FAQ’s for Brand Development & Logo Design

What is a brand?

A brand is not just a logo, on the most simple logo it is immediately recognisable as being associated with your company but on a more fundamental level it is what your audience thinks of or feels when they think about your company or product.

I want to update my existing logo what options are available to me?

If you want to update an existing logo (rather than have a completely new one developed), we can play with more modern typefaces, positioning and colour.  Simple changes can often be the most effective.  Sometimes changing the context of the logo on your materials and website can be enough.

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