Desk Signs

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Cascade Group can quickly and easily print desk signs to support your Covid-19 return to work strategy. It will be vital to indicate to staff and colleagues which desks and offices can be used and in what circumstances. These can be as simple as free standing table cards or something a little more intricate, such as a mounted card with an arm or an aluminium grip frame.

Most Popular FAQ’s for Desk Signs

How quickly can you do my large format printing?

Standard turnaround is 3-5 working days depending on how complex your project is but a simple poster can be done same day and a banner stand within a couple of hours.

What kind of logo do I need to provide?

Ideally we need a vector eps – this is a specialist illustrator file which allows us to scale the logo up to any size without any loss of resolution or pixellation on smooth curves. If you don’t have this or can’t get it, we can recreate this for you. Alternatively a high res PDF will often do the job as well!

What resolution images do you need from me?

As large as possible please! Send us what you have and we’ll let you know if we can use them or need to look for something with a higher resolution.

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