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Direct Mail needn’t be an expensive headache, you simply need to ‘hit the right note’ with your target market to be successful and make it cost-effective. From the simplest postcard or email to the most complex personalised campaign, Cascade Group offers customisable end‐to‐end solutions suitable for the smallest business and the largest corporation which can save you time and money.

Most Popular FAQ’s for Direct Mail

What results can I expect from my mailers?

Great question! A hard one to answer! Direct marketing industry standards say a standard response rate is 1-3%, of course if you create a targetted offer to a segmented database and conduct mailing activities over an extended period you should achieve better results. Our team of marketing professionals at Cascade Studio can also advise and help you develop the best strategy!

Can I personalise my mailers?

Absolutely! We can use variable data printing techniques in both text and on images to create personalised mailers for your recipients.

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