Flipbooks, Interactive Brochures & ePublications

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As a value-added service we can post your materials online as a part of your print and design package. This combined print and online solution allows you to put a beautifully printed physical item in your customer’s hands, which conveys the quality of your offering, and interact with online visitors in a unique fashion.

Our Flipbook Solutions provide you with a unique webpage and/or html script to embed into your own website featuring your piece of collateral such as a brochure, newsletter or magazine with a 3D ‘page turning’ effect. We offer both Flash based, HTML5 and Javascript based solutions for best results depending on your application. All methods will make you stand out from our competitors’ two dimensional effects, giving stunning results and an additional string to the design and print package we already offer you.

For fully digital publishing, we can even create your own branded app for iOS and Android.

Take a look at some samples online on your desktop and on your mobile device:

Animated image loading: http://tinyurl.com/cascade-overview
Hyperlinks & Downloadable VCF: http://tinyurl.com/dvb-flip
Animated call to action: http://tinyurl.com/flip-pmr
Embedded video: http://tinyurl.com/stech-flip

The Process:-

  • Send us your artwork as a pdf in single page format or ask us to create this for you
  • Interactive elements such as animation, hyperlinks and video can be incorporated
  • We create the digital version of your document and send you a link for approval
  • The finished document can be embed in your website
  • Go further and have an own branded app for iOS and Android created

The Benefits:-

  • Makes documents easily viewable online without visitor having to download to view
  • Adds engaging content to your website
  • Simple, intuitive buttons to email, print or download
  • Zoom functionality for closer viewing
  • Search text option so readers can find the content they most want to review
  • Simple click to share via Social Media e.g. Twitter or Facebook
  • Optional analytics
Flipbooks, Interactive Brochures & ePublications projects are delivered by:

View the award-winning portfolio: www.cascadestudio.co.uk

Most Popular FAQ’s for Flipbooks, Interactive Brochures & ePublications

Can I create an app out of my Flipbook?

Yes, we can turn your flipbook into a full digital publication which can be downloaded from the App Store (ios) or Google Play Store (Android) either as a standalone app or as a publication using a third party app.  We can recommend the best solution for your application.

Where will my Flipbook be hosted?

We can provide hosting or embed your flipbook on your own website.

Can my reader click on weblinks in the Flipbook?

Yes, all our Flipbooks support weblinks.

Can I embed video and other interactive content in my Flipbook?

We offer a specific flipbook application which allows videos to be embedded and animated content to be included.

Will my flipbook work on a iphone or ipad?

We have a range of different solutions, some of which use Flash (which does not work on iphones or ipads) and others which use HTML5 which will work on all devices.  We can advise on the best solution for your application.

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