Lithographic Printing

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Cascade Group is the only print house in central London to offer on-site lithographic printing services. Our secure production facility allows us to deliver the quickest possible turnaround where speed is of the essence for our clientele.

Indeed, as the facility is local to our clientele, many visit the production facility to see the first copies roll off the press and ensure they get the result they want before completion and delivery.

Lithographic printing is sometimes known as offset printing and is the most cost-effective choice for high volume printing such as letterheads, publications, brochures, posters, packaging and any item which features a large amount of text or which needs to be mass produced. Set-up costs are higher but low run-on costs means the ‘per unit’ price drops dramatically.

Despite advances in digital technology, nothing can match litho printing for colour accuracy and print clarity. From one colour printing, to two-colour, three-colour, four-colour and even spot-colours, UV-spots and metallic inks, our litho department offers exceptional quality and value for money.

Lithographic Printing jobs include:

  • Business Stationery
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Product Documentation
  • Pantone perfect colour matching

Most Popular FAQ’s for Lithographic Printing

How should I supply the artwork to be Litho printed?

A pdf should be set to CMYK for full colour litho printing or for spot colour printing, all elements must be set to spot Pantone colours.  Please ask us if you need any help setting this up or communicating with your designer.

I sent you the artwork as a PDF, why are you sending me a PDF proof?

The PDF we send back to you has been ‘processed’ at our end ready for printing, it’s not the same as the PDF artwork that you originally sent us. You should carefully check this as embedded images and fonts may have ‘dropped off’ despite our best efforts between softwares.

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