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Good photography is a lynch-pin of excellent design. From sourcing the appropriate stock photography to product photography and from corporate headshots to event reportage, Cascade Group has sourced the appropriate solution.

We have access and subscriptions to a wide variety of stock photography and can offer quick turnaround, simple product photography in-house as well as in-house photo-editing expertise.

For specialist projects, we have a number of excellent photographers with whom we have agreed special rates for our customers.

Most Popular FAQ’s for Photography

Where would you take corporate headshots?

We can take headshots in our Studio in EC3V and your team can pop in when they are available.  Alternatively, we can schedule and set-up a pop-up studio at your offices.

Can you do 360° photography

Yes, we have turntable facilities and image stitching software in-house.

Do you have a photography studio?

We have photographic facilities in our Design Studio in EC3V.

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