Thermographic Printing

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Cascade Group can now offer on-site thermographic printing from our secure production facility in central London. Further enhancing the portfolio of printing services that are locally available to our clientele.

Special wet inks are applied to the paper and this is covered in a powdered polymer that sticks to the wet areas. The excess is then vacuum removed and the item heated within the press. This causes the substrate to ‘bubble’ and expand before drying, resulting in a raised appearance and feel to that inked area.

Thermographic printing creates a glossy raised surface to all or parts of a material giving a high quality and upmarket finish. It is commonly used on business cards and letterheads for traditional institutions and luxury brands.

Thermographic Printing items include:

  • Business Stationery
  • Invitations
  • Cards
  • Notepaper & Notepads

Most Popular FAQ’s for Thermographic Printing

Can I put a Thermo printed letterhead through my laser printer?

Yes you can but please make sure you advise us that you will be doing this so we use the correct finishing technique and resins.

Can I Thermo print on both sides?

Sorry, you can’t but for super thick invitations or business cards, two sheets can be thermo printed on one side and then ‘sandwiched’ together.

What colour raised text can I have Thermo printed?

Thermographic printing is a process where the item is printed using a slow-drying lithographic ink which then has thermographic resin applied and then heated to get the raised finish.  This resin is available in a matt or high gloss finish which allows the ink color to show through. By printing text and graphics in two or more spot colors, this means that the artwork can contain multiple colors. The resin is also available in gold and silver for a metallic finish.

Are there any limitations to Thermo printing?

We would not recommend using themographic printing on any design with exceptionally thin typefaces or solid areas.

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