Happy Valentine's

February brings a double celebration for Seventy Thirty: Valentine's Day creates the highest level of dating activity and new relationships forming in comparison to the rest of the year. This month we are also celebrating Seventy Thirty's 7th anniversary! It has been a fabulous 7 years which has seen Seventy Thirty becoming the most exclusive and successful matchmaking service in the UK.


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We all agree that Valentine's Day is heavily commercialised, yet it is still a wonderful excuse to throw caution to the wind and display your romantic streak. So how should we woo our loved one without succumbing to social pressure and commercialisation?

The rule is simple: time, energy, thought or brain power should always supersede money spent.

In life, we either give loved ones situational gifts (birthday, engagement, promotion etc.) or tactical gifts ('I really like you and I'd like to make my intention clear'). Across many species males give tactical gifts to females in order to woo them. Men give many more tactical gifts than women do: it has evolved as such. Females are not ignorant to this; in fact they actually have evolved to expect tactical gifts as a tangible display of commitment, resource and intention. What so many men fail to understand is that women want to see you being tactical on Valentine’s and they also may expect it. This is the time when you should be showing your partner how committed you are to either wooing her or keeping her wooed once you have succeeded.

It is also worth pointing out that when women receive a gift from their partner, she will naturally break it down into many components, as she assesses just how much effort you have gone to. This is where the sum of the parts becomes greater than the whole (and who said women were complex?!). So, men, if you want to really impress, have as many elements to your gift as possible. A pair of diamond earrings is a lovely gift for any woman, but the (emotional) value of a bunch of her favourite flowers, and a less costly necklace you noticed her admiring in a shop window months earlier could be much greater. Thoughtfulness and small gestures go a long way!

Trudy Hill, Psychologist and Life Coach, Seventy Thirty

COMPETITION: Win a date coaching session

COMPETITION: Win a date coaching session

This unique session will leave you feeling and
acting irresistible!

Seventy Thirty's team of matchmakers, partner head-hunters and relationship experts are all fully qualified psychologists and have been featured in many glossy magazines, TV documentaries and radio shows.

Date Coaching will increase your confidence and optimise the enjoyment of dating and meeting new people. By looking at patterns in previous relationships, you will develop your understanding of whom you are genuinely compatible so you know how to find the perfect partner. An expert coach works with you to teach you techniques and approaches to help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be (or who you want to be with!).

Seventy Thirty is celebrating Valentine's with an exciting competition. You could win an exclusive 2 hour Date Coaching session with one of our gurus, Trudy Hill.

To enter, simply send an email to info@seventy-thirty.com, stating your full name, contact details and your answer to the following question:

Q: Which famous store are Seventy Thirty's offices located next to?

INNERPLACE RED MEMBERSHIP - An Exclusive Invitation for Seventy Thirty Members and friends

INNERPLACE RED MEMBERSHIP - An Exclusive Invitation for Seventy Thirty Members and friends

Do you ever find that in London's exclusive restaurants, members' clubs and at prestigious events you do not always receive the acknowledgement and treatment that you would expect and deserve?

In such a dynamic and ever changing world it's often difficult for even the most connected and influential to be known everywhere they go. Innerplace's Red Membership solves this problem by providing access to the inaccessible and recognition at the very finest establishments. Red Membership is only available to discerning individuals with significant personal resources.

Benefits include short notice reservations at the most prestigious restaurants, the best seats at sold out shows, access to high profile parties, film premieres, fashion shows, back stage passes, sporting fixtures, award shows and other events not normally accessible to the public. Members also receive privileges and upgrades at the world's most sought after luxury spas and resorts. In addition, Innerplace can arrange unique experiences, special benefits and bespoke packages at luxury retail, fashion brands and boutiques. They can also arrange VIP entry with no queuing at the top tier of members' clubs (including full membership to several).

Innerplace is a personal concierge service dedicated to providing access to the very best entertainment and nightlife in London and internationally.

Innerplace Red Members are just one phone call away from a world of luxury lifestyle, VIP entertainment and exemplary service. By strictly limiting numbers, Innerplace are able to offer a truly personal service and in fact all Red Members have the personal phone number of the Founder of Innerplace, Tim Badham.

Red Membership is paid on an annual basis with a one-off joining fee. Members and friends of Seventy Thirty will have their joining fee waived for all applications made before 28th February. For full details please contact Florence Hill at Innerplace on red@innerplace.co.uk or +44 (0)20 3167 0077.


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